International Artist - August/September 1999

Palette Lesson from Passion + Planning = Productivity (page 23 - 29)

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What a difference a tone makes

My palette consists of just 11 colors.   Here they are shown both on a white
background, and on the Cadmium Red background I always use.

Brilliant Yellow Green Cadmium Yellow Alizarin Purple
Green Earth Titanium White Ultramarine Violet
Sap Green Rembrandt Rose Ultramarine Blue
Yellow Ochre Cadmium Red Light

I enjoy the warm glow that a Cadmium Red ground gives me.  When I first began painting, I'd paint directly on white primed canvas, but when I noticed that many other oil painters use a toned ground I decided to try it for myself.  At first, I used Burnt Sienna, but over time, began experimenting with warmer, brighter reds.  This underpainting, I now realize, helps unify the composition.

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