Paint Lesson - Give Your Oils A Dreamy Glow

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Step One: Toning Up

Sakellarios began by toning her canvas with a thin coat of cadmium red acrylic. Then, she added burnt sienna guidelines to indicate strategic points.   Next, she turned her attention to the sky, blending ultramarine blue and white down to a cooler phthalo blue and white.  Finally, she added the clouds.

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Step Two: Filling In the Foliage

Next, Sakellarios blocked in the main trees and the individual foreground plants with an assortment of greens. To unify the foliage, she used sap green in all of her green mixtures.  She targeted the spot where the figures would later he placed, and left space for the path.  She also added the sky holes to the trees.

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Step Three: Developing the Foreground

Sakellarios now moved to the foreground, introducing all of the floral colors.  She used quick strokes and dabs to define the types of flowers--a dab of red for roses, white half-circles for daisies and thin strokes of purple for irises.  She twirled these colors onto the canvas and let the eye mix the hues.

View The Finished Piece:   Step Four: Final Figures

Give Your Oils A Dreamy Glow
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