Monique's Invitation to France

On the recommendation of the Franco-American Center in Manchester, NH, Monique received a prestigious invitation from the French Consulate in Boston to participate in the "3eme Festival de l'Ete Indien".  (Translation:  Third Indian Summer Festival) The festival was held October 4 - 10, 1999 in Andrezieux-Boutheon, France.

This event celebrates the history, culture, way of life and economic vitality of the Franco-American communities in New England. 

Monique at Festival

Monique at the "3eme Festival de l'Ete Indien" in Andrezieux-Boutheon, France.

Several aspects of the Franco-American heritage were presented, such as, musical events, theater plays, art exhibits, literature, gastronomy and selected prominent industrial activities of the New England area.

The Festival was sponsored by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French Ministry of Culture and the General Consulate of the United States in Lyon, France, among others.

Monique was quite honored to be invited to this festival as only four artists were invited.  Her participation included exhibiting 13 paintings one of which was A Day So Slow (9 X 12). 

She also was honored to attend a reception along with the following dignitaries:

Mr. Stuart Dwyer, Consul of the United States in Lyon.  
Mr. Olivier Bouchet, Minister of French Foreign Affairs
Mr. Charles Josselin, Minister of Francophone Affairs
Mr. Stelio Farandjis, Secretary General of the High Counsel of Francophone Affairs
Mr. Jean-Claude Schalk, Mayor of  Andrezieux-Boutheon, France
Mr. Michel Lachand, President of the Theater Cultural Association

In addition, she toured the Beaujolais vineyards and took photographs to capture her memory and moods during this trip.  You can see the result of Monique's visit to France in her oil paintings at an upcoming exhibit at the Powers Galley in Acton, MA from Thursday, April 13th through Saturday, May 13th.    Another exhibit of her France paintings will occur at the Schaff Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio in the fall of 2000. 

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