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The Artist's Magazine-September 1997

Special Issue Color (page 43)

This edition of The Artist's Magazine featured "25 Tips To Creative Color - Break new ground in color by experimenting with the palette secrets of 18 top artists." 

Monique was one of the artist's interviewed for this issue.  When asked what she liked best about being interviewed for this issue, Monique responded:

"This was a special issue on color and the magazine interviewed several nationally known artists about their use of color.  One of the other artists was Daniel Greene who is a very well known national artist.  I was very pleased to be quoted along with Mr. Greene."

Below is the information that was published on Monique's work.

Plein Air Make the Most of
Your Medium

Monique Sakellarios:  Keep colors
bright by mixing them right on the
canvas, using as few brushstrokes
as possible.  Put the paint on thin
and leave it alone, and you'll achieve
rich, luminous color.
Getting Directly to the Point
Applying paint directly onto the canvas allows Monique Sakellarios to achieve the warm, glowing colors of Plein Air (oil, 8 X 10).

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