Monique Receives Signature Member Status 
to Oil Painters of America

Monique is proud to have been selected as a signature member of Oil Painters of America.  
There are only 100 some signature members in the US and Monique is the only one in New Hampshire.  
Below is the wording from the letter and certificate that Monique received from Oil Painters of America.

August 31, 2002

Dear Monique:

At its August 27th meeting the OPA Board of Directors approved of the award of signature member status to you for showing remarkable talent in the paintings that you have exhibited at the national OPA shows for the past several years.  The Board also took into consideration the other shows, publications and awards that demonstrated the high level of expertise that you have attained.

The award of signature status is indeed an honor received only by a limited number of artists.  Your name will be included as a signature member in future annual OPA show catalogs.  In addition you may now use the initials OPA after your name when you sign your paintings.  Our only requirement to continue your new designation is that you continue to be an active dues paying member each year.

We shall look forward to seeing more of your work as you submit for our shows and are proud to have you as a signature member.


Betty Schmidt

Oil Painters of America

In recognition of your outstanding accomplishments in 
representational oil painting, the Board of Directors of 
Oil Painters of America hereby awards the status of

Signature Member
Monique Sakellarios OPA

Betty Schmidt

September 2, 2002